Hong Kong

Audience profile
Festival audience – 6,000

28% – 16-25 year olds
42% – 26-35 year olds
20% – 36-45 year olds
6% – 45 and above

63% –  Chinese (from Hong Kong)
7% –  Chinese (from China and Taiwan)
30% –  Others (Majority from UK, Australia, France and US)


Creative Director – responsible for implementing the Sónar brand and all sponsor activations, pre-event, during event and post-event.

Context synopsis  What is Sónar?
Since its inception in Spain over 23 years ago, the Sónar festival has positioned itself at the cutting edge of the electronic music landscape and with its interactions with digital culture, creativity, design, and technology – its pedigree is undisputed.

It is a meeting place for a public comprised of opinion makers, thirsty for innovation and creative style.

Sónar – Hong Kong

Sónar Hong Kong unites music, creativity and technology.

2017 was the inaugural event and was received with exceptional praise, both from Barcelona, the audience and the media.

  • 6000 attendees
  • 6 stages of music
  • Sónar+D congress of creativity, technology and business.

It is strongly believed that Sónar is a perfect match with the burgeoning cultural, and distinguished digital and technological climate of Hong Kong, and the ideal vehicle to promote these advances, by showcasing its local and regional talent. Electronic music occupies a well established standing within HK’s musical landscape and the goal of Sónar HK is to present electronic music as a positive culture, and make the connections and associations with it around: quality, accessibility, community, education and continuous advances in technology.

Hong Kong is investing heavily both privately and publicly in the innovation sector and there is a huge demand for events which showcase the output of these new and established businesses. There are also events and activities that showcase creative industries in their respective sectors. But there is no event that brings together the creative industries under the banner of creativity, technology, and business.

Sónar+D  fills this void with a platform to showcase and inspire cutting-edge creative technology focused content.

Put simply, a world-class festival hosting the most compelling, innovative and best quality electronic music had yet to occur in Hong Kong.

There is no doubt that a strong interest exists here as there is a vibrant local electronic music scene. The key to tapping into this market is providing and presenting the ideal platform for that consumer to engage with and help create a truly unique event and experience.
Sónar is that platform.


  • Cantonese & English marketing
  • Campaign & concept development
  • 3 phased integrated campaign strategy – film, print, social and banner
  • Ticketing systems using QR codes
  • Cashless RFID payments
  • Web design and development
  • Application for iOS and Android
  • Poster campaigns
  • Banner campaigns
  • Phased promotional lineup videos
  • Film direction
  • Commissioning photography and film
  • Worked with all sponsors to design their activation strategies
  • Merchandise design and production
  • Onsite design
  • Event capture
  • Wayfinding design and implementation

Lineup video

Highlight Movie

Poster Campaigns

Onsite communications
Foldable leaflet, with detailed schedule and map



Signage systems