Hong Kong

Audience profile
Festival audience – 70,000 visits
Online reach – 2.7m

5% – Under 15 years
28% – 16-25 year olds
42% – 26-35 year olds
20% – 36-45 year olds
6% – 45 and above

63% – Chinese (from Hong Kong)
7% – Chinese (from China and Taiwan)
30% – Others (Majority from UK, Australia, France and US)

Creative Director – responsible for evolving the Clockenflap brand and all sponsor activations, pre-event, during event and post-event.

Context synopsis
Clockenflap’s primary function is to bring Music, People, and Art together over 3 days in the heart of Hong Kong. Its secondary function is to remain true to its brand and nurture the silly and the downright ridiculous.

As Nile Rodgers quoted it as his favourite festival “The festival with a ridiculous name: Clockenflap in Hong Kong.  It’s awesome. It’s so beautiful, the way the sun sets on the stage. It’s completely magical.”

Festivals provide an unrivalled opportunity to connect and connect with people through music, food, and culture.

As Hong Kong’s largest and longest-run outdoor music and arts festival, Clockenflap is a major highlight on the city’s annual cultural calendar.

Like all the best festivals, it offers truly inspiring and immersive experiences that together constitute a powerful platform for communicating with and getting to know audiences.

Clockenflaps’s mantra is depth, diversity, and discovery. The Clockenflap experience is greater than the sum of its parts. There are layers and layers of content to be discovered, which is why people come for 3 days. People are more engaged, the sponsored activations feel authentic,  they feel right. People enjoy themselves.

It’s the perfect platform to engage authentically with its wide and various audiences, this makes it very compelling for sponsors. There is a huge opportunity for co-branded campaigns and it’s more than just the on-site activation pre-event campaigns reach millions.

One of my many roles was to embed its many sponsors into the fabric of the Clockenflap experience, we would make the sponsors part of the content that was curated for Clockenflap. This is what really engages with audiences. I would work with all sponsors to develop campaign strategies that run in parallel with Clockenflap’s own campaigns.


  • Cantonese & English marketing
  • Campaign & concept development
  • Brand evolution
  • Evolved 3-word stories
    • The rule of three is a storytelling principle that suggests people better understand concepts, situations, and ideas in groups of three.
  • 6 phased integrated campaign strategy –
    • Early Bird announcement
    • 1st wave line-up announcement
    • 2nd wave line-up announcement
    • 3rd wave line-up announcement
    • We are live – continuous feed
    • It’s a wrap – highlights + Early Bird
  • Web design and development
  • Application for iOS and Android
  • Poster campaigns
  • Banner campaigns
  • Phased promotional lineup videos
  • Film direction
  • Social strategy
  • Influencer strategy
  • Ticketing systems using QR codes
  • Cashless RFID payments
  • Commissioning photography and film
  • Event capture strategy – 2 films crews and 12 photographers
  • Worked with all sponsors to design their activation strategies x 11 major sponsors
  • Merchandise design and production
  • Onsite design activations
  • Food curation
  • Wayfinding systems
  • Video streaming

What better way than telling stories than through experiences via – Music, People, Art – are the brand pillars.

3-word story campaign


Introducing the Artistic Theme – Mythology

Phase 1 poster campaigns –
Alongside, movie, banner ads, social pushes on Facebook and Instagram.


Clockenflap 2017

Clockenflap 2017 1st Round Music Lineup 首輪音樂陣容!

Clockenflap 2017 New Acts Announced 最新音樂陣容出爐!

Clockenflap 2017 完整音樂陣容出爐 Full Lineup Announced!

Clockenflap’s audience resides on Facebook and Instagram and by word of mouth.

Phase 2 – lineup launch



Merchandise planning and design