Men’s Fashion 
Brand Development, Art Direction, Photography, Design, Web Design, E-commerce

Context synopsis – ONETrueSaxon is an established men’s clothing label, owned by Pentland PLC.

ONETrueSaxon is our longest-serving client, and this was the sixth evolution of their online shop.

We were commissioned to update the brand strategy and design a wave of new brand and campaign assets, the site had a  complete overhaul, with considerable feature added.

As a full eCommerce solution it encompassed an SEO strategy, advertising campaign and the site performed above and beyond their needs.

A quick look at any of ONETrue Saxon’s products and you’ll see that strong attention to detail and quality is always entered into their design equation. From their clean apparel to their helpful International Essentials Travel Guide, the brand has a strong commitment to ensuring everything fits into place and stands as a helpful addition to their range of products.