Activation location
Clockenflap – 2016 – Hong Kong

Audience profile
Festival audience – 70,000
Target audience – 18 – 35-year-olds

Creative Director – responsible for creating and implementing Adidas Originals at Clockenflap Hong Kong.

Context synopsis
As first-time sponsorship, Adidas Originals sponsored one of the smaller stages. Robot stage has a story, it is the origin of the festival. The founders could be found playing as “Robot” in the clubs and venues of Hong Kong. As a PR and marketing piece, it was perfect, there was a diverse lineup and the founders could be found playing there. The success of this initial trial confirmed a further sponsorship for 2017.

The idea
The idea was simple, using shipping containers painted in Adidas blue – they served 2 purposes – sound mitigation and also, a blank canvas. We painted an anamorphic illusion. Incorporating the Adidas brand and Robot