Context synopsis
There are 500 Street View cars dotted around EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) , each car and driver has a support team. From the first stage of out project, each car is decorated from a ‘travel-sticker’ pack, by the drivers.

What we did
We felt that, whilst the drivers are on the road being ambassadors to the brand, and adding items to their cars, they might as well have some branded items to hand out.

We suggested to Google that, since the drivers were driving such huge distances and were playing such an important role as ambassadors to Google, they should be able to distribute branded stickers that communicate the fun aspects of the product.

This would leave a trail of stickers on the back of pads, v and windows all over the world.

We art directed, designed, illustrated and produced a range of 20 stylised on brand stickers, that are colourful, stylised and memorable.