2020Google Mobile - Android Movies
Audience profile

New/just about to be new, Android users

Context synopsis
The first mainstream devices using Google’s Android operating system were just coming to market, to coincide with this Google commissioned a number of films to explain the advantages of the software.

Project requirements
A set of films (initially 23), tackling different aspects of the Android software, from broad capabilities to specific controls. The initial “US” versions of the films had to be delivered 6 weeks from briefing, with translations to eight languages following over the next 6 weeks. It was key to differentiate from the other mobile platforms available. Especially iPhone.

What we did
Based on Google’s initial preference, we developed a style that combined live action, 3D character animation and stop-motion animation, to produce 17 films, which covered various aspects of the software.

How we did it (methods/technologies)
We worked with the Google EMEA marketing team, to script the films over the first two weeks, shooting on two simultaneous set-ups (one live, one animation) over 10 days, then spending 18 days compositing the elements into the final films. The team included a 4 person creative team from Picture, two producers, a live shooting crew of 8, 6 animators, 4 model makers, 6 post-productions artists (also from Picture) and not forgetting Renato, the best hand-model in the biz. Live action and animation were both shot on the Canon 5D, Final Cut was used to make the basic assemblies, tracking and match moving were done using Mocha and Synth-eyes, 3D elements were created in Cinema 4D, phone screens were re-created in Illustrator (to allow localisation) and compositing was done in After Effects.