Whilst America’s top-100 retailers account for more than 40% of its retail market, China’s top-100 retailers make up just 6.4% of total sales of consumer goods. This creates an environment of hyper competition which drives ambitious innovation.

Alibaba boasts 846 million Monthly Active Users across their online shopping platforms, with representation across all age groups

Taobao.com has more than 26 million product listings, nearly 20 million registered users, and over 100 million page views per day.

With over 846 million —The Chinese e-commerce ecosystem is arguably the world’s most mature ecosystems, with a penetration (adoption) rate of 37% compared to 11% and 10% in North America and Europe respectively

—The high eCommerce penetration rate shows itself in several facets, one of the more remarkable ones is the 93% YoY growth driven by 50+ consumers that are actively searching for trendy clothing and homeware

With fierce competition, I developed a strategy that would address our needs across both TaoBao and JD.

With an emphasis on brand story telling on our collaborations with designers and the origins our products to build brand awareness and credibility for Chinese customers. I set about to reframe and redesign our offering to suit a very discerning and picky audience.

Chinese guidelines were also developed to  ensure future updates would remain in tact.