2020Location Omnichannel Global Launch – E-commerce and Retail


Audience profile

Male/Female – 18 to 40

Creative & Marketing Lead

Context synopsis

–  Gaming enthusiasts have become increasingly dissatisfied with the performance, comfort, quality, and aesthetics of endemic gaming chairs.

As competitive gaming increases and the democratization of technology proliferates, players are seeking competitive advantages beyond technology that can help them keep playing longer and achieve their individual goals.

– Gamers and organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the physical strain gaming has on the body. As a result, there has been significant investment in pre- and post-game solutions, but little to no investment in an in-game solution.

– As gaming becomes more mainstream, gaming and high-end fashion like sneaker culture are starting to come together, and a new – more premium gaming lifestyle is starting to emerge.


Business Objectives

–  To launch Herman Miller into a new vertical market and a new audience

–  Establish new product lines as best-in-class gaming furniture available on the market today

–  Drive unit sales of the Embody Gaming Chair


Marketing Objectives

–  Establish products as an innovation in gaming furniture

–  Leverage the expertise of Logitech G and Herman Miller brands to establish ergonomic excellence and product superiority in gaming furniture

–  Communicate core features of the chair and how it benefits gamers in performance and health benefits


Campaign Objective

– Together we will drive gaming performance, health, and well-being forward


Campaign Platform


– Utilizing decades of R&D, advanced engineering and pioneering technology, we are innovating the gaming setup. Enhancing your play in key moments and extending your career long term.


Herman Miller – Gaming

Campaign Video


The Story Behind The Embody Gaming Chair


Influencer Strategy

Additionally, we devised an influencer strategy, working closely with LogitechG and 200 handpicked influencers.