2020Project requirements
To display Guardian and Observer branding, fitting with their individual characteristics.

What we did
For the Guardian, we took the ‘strong colour on white’ styling devised by W+K and applied it to animated idents of items which, although everyday, required a moment to recognise.

The Guardian’s logo is very subtly revealed in each case, with the colour scheme being the key brand element. We also used the strong colour elements of the Guardian’s branding, along with a slightly altered sense of displaying the world, to create a clock intended to appear randomly throughout the day.

With the Observer’s heritage being more photography based, and in order to strongly differentiate from the Guardian idents, but also the general news imagery, we devised a way of juxtaposing image after image, selected for their differing, striking nature and resolving with the Observer Logo.

How we did it (methods/technologies)
To create the Guardian idents, we took a mixture of filmed assets and sourced material which we then animated over, using a combination of Flash and After Effects to create the simplified shapes but with natural motion.

For the Observer idents, we chose a number of appropriate images, then used After Effects to mask and reveal them.
The Guardian clock was developed in Flash, reading the time from the system and reacting accordingly.