Context synopsis
There are 300 Google Street View cars dotted around Europe, each car and driver has a support team.

Project requirements
We needed to design an appropriate design solution that was ‘on brand’ and that would cover the car. This would soften the initial impact of the sinister looking car. However, to implement this in a cost-effective way was going to be tricky.

What we did
We produced a design that would allow individual drivers to apply the stickers and decorate their own cars.
Each driver received a large tube of to 200 stickers and some basic application instructions. They were also encouraged to purchase and apply localised stickers from the towns and cities on their travels. The results were much like a well-travelled suitcase, full of colour and character, showing the tell-tale signs of a well-travelled car.

With 300 cars now covered in stickers, they are ready to go round the world over the summer. We plan to get some pictures of the cars as they gradually get covered.