London, Hong Kong, Shanghai

Audience profile
All high-end brands.
B2B – Early stage start-up

Advisor and Creative Director

What is Scooots?
Scooots is an advertising platform that may be used anywhere and anytime. Through the use of their portable, light and durable screens, your message can now captivate the attention of audiences at the hottest events and in the coolest areas.

In summary, the power of Scooots resides in our movable screens. Bringing the human element back into the advertising space.

Scooots is operating as a start-up, it already has a working product, supply chain and boasts some great clients.

Why is Scooots different?
Scooots is on the same level of consumers. Connecting a brands message with real people. By removing the traditional constraints within the advertising space, Scooots captures the attention of target consumers in a creative and cost-effective fashion.