2020Audience profile
20 to 40 years old fashion & lifestyle.

Context synopsis
We were delighted when Graham and Green asked us to work with them to refresh their identity as we’ve all enjoyed fruitful working relationships with them in the past at previous agencies.

The challenge was to devise and develop an identity, that drew together the eclectic mix of products they sell, which could be developed upon, season on season, and be applied to a variety of media from stickers to window vinyl to catalogues to their website.

What we did
The website shop was built from scratch and is directly linked to all stock management. We teamed up with The Commerce Partnership who developed the back-end, Picture were involved with the over all strategy and placement, Information Architecture, design and the flash elements.

The “We love” campaigns account for 11% of their click-through’s and purchases (they have also discovered they can sell overflow and unwanted stock, through this (a bit naughty).

As the website is handled as a different business, it shares the mail order facilities, personnel, fulfilment etc. This small boutique business also has four shops (two in Portobello, one in Primrose Hill and the last on the Kings Road).
With more people hitting the site and a large sales increase, the users are also spending less time on the site. What used to be a 5 + minute experience is now a 4 + minute experience and there are less click-through’s to complete a shopping transaction.

Subscribers have increased by 31%
40% increase in sales, headed up with a strategy of iterative seasonal campaigns and deals.

Graham & Green